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The most Incredible trigger release, period! This flagship T.R.U. Ball® release has an all new thumb cocking bar located out of the way, not in the palm of your hand where it could be touched during the shot sequence.  Featuring new interchangeable hand options; 2-finger, 3-finger, 4-finger relaxed & 4-finger straight handle configurations. Includes the Absolute model accuracy feature of the "In-Line Free Floating Head" or H.C.T. with 360° of roatation settings. The new T.R.U. Ball® Incredible release is designed for the ultimate archer, featuring an all new internal trigger stabilizer mechanism ro provide the most crisp zero-travel trigger available in the industry today! CLICK HERE for Incredible sensitivity adjustment and handle options video.
thumb cocking
bar located
out of the way
one screw
handle system
floating head
fast loading
machined cut
out for
v-lock strap

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