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The Fang RC incorporates the red rope connection system providing quick and easy adjustments to fit any anchor point! The Fang RC is a superior ergonomic hook style release, featuring a rubber insert in the trigger for improved feel and traction. To adjust draw length in seconds, simply pull a rope knot, move the red rope connector in or out, then pull the head tight. Two triggers are included in the package: A forward/straight trigger for more draw length and speed as well as comfort/relaxed trigger. Personalizing this release to each individual’s desire is not an issue with the Fang RC. The Fang RC features a two screw trigger sensitivity setting provided by a separate trigger travel adjustment screw, and separate trigger pressure setting screw. Combine these adjustments with your choice of three included varied weight springs. The Fang RC tucks away easily in sleeve when not in use. the added look of a red anodized hook and trigger can be paired with a black anodized head with your choice of a camo Velcro® strap or black leather buckle strap or Mathews® Lost Camo™ anodized head with your choice of a black Velcro® strap or black leather buckle strap.
  • 2 triggers included in each package

  • 2 sensitivity adjustment springs for lighter or heavier trigger feel

  • available in buckle or Velcro®

  • available in Mathews® Lost Camo™
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