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T.R.U. Ball Releases are guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship not caused by normal wear to the original owner, with a valid sales receipt. This warranty is void if the release has been disassembled, abused, modified, or subject to abnormal conditions. Wrist straps are not covered under warranty. We recommened yearly strap replacement. Letting go of your release aid at any time during the shot process, as evidenced by abnormal dents and/or bent parts, will void this warranty. T.R.U., Inc. will not be liable for any consequential or incidental damages to any other piece of equipment the release may come in contact with. T.R.U., Inc. will not be liable for any injuries or damages to any person, property or equipment that is caused by the improper use of this product. If you experience any problem with this product, call 434-929-2800 for a return authorization (RA) number, then
UPS ship to:
T.R.U, 131 Crennel Dr, Madison Heights, VA 24572
all returns must have a return authorization (RA) number.
Return Authorization Sheet:
1) Product Name or Item Code _______________
2) Date and Place of Purchase ________________
3) Customer Name ________________________
4) Address _______________________________
5) Phone # _______________________________
6) E-mail address (if available) _________________
7) Instructions (what repair is needed) ___________

Clean/Re-work Charge:
1) Labor Charge: $10 Release/$15 Sight
2) If parts need to be replaced due to wear, we will contact you with a quote

Not covered under warranty:
1) Wrist straps (unless items are sewn incorrectly)
2) Releases shot through a bow (shooter lets go of handle during the shot process) as evidenced by bent firing pins or abnormal dents in the handle.
3) Releases or sights that have problems because they have been disassembled, abused, modified, or subject to abnormal conditions like pocket lint, dust, dirt, mud, sweat, saltwater or fire.
4) Releases or sights that have problems because of normal wear.
5) Stripped set screws

Note: If we find that the problem is not a warranty issue, we will contact you with a quoted repair cost. If you don't want to pay for the repairs, it is your responsibility to pay for shipping back to you. Returned products not paid for within three months will be discarded.
Note: Please keep a record of your tracking number and proof of delivery when returning any item to T.R.U. Inc.

Printable Return Authorization Form
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